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Zetex B.V.
Peter Schreursweg 24-26
NL-6081 NX Haelen
T: +31 (0)475 593 855


Feel Comfortable, Look Beautiful
This slogan sums up the brand’s core philosophy. We believe that comfort is not only a physical state, but also an emotional one. True beauty occurs when comfort becomes second nature, an intrinsic part of one’s lifestyle.
Within Pastunette, we offer nightwear and loungewear with the perfect fit and an excellent price-quality ratio in a wide size spectrum.


A young, cheerful nightwear and loungewear collection for women and girls. The collection consists of themes and is made of a mix of qualities.
Different models are available for mother and daughter, because twinning is winning!


„Once a Robson, always a Robson“. This slogan from a distant past still applies. Years of experience in design and production guarantee craftsmanship, comfort and high quality.
A trusted collection of men’s nightwear with new designs and fashionable colours.